M T Cherian is a personal development and information portal  for everyone.
I am impressed by some of the guiding principles followed by the genius Leonardo da Vinci namely
Curiosita: a curious approach to life and the desire to never stop learning
Dimostrazione: testing knowledge through doing, learning from mistakes
Sensazione: refinement of the senses, especially sight, to enliven life’s experience
Sfumato: embrace ambiguity and uncertainty
Arte/Scienza: whole-brain thinking, balance between logic and imagination
Corporalita: cultivation of grace and fitness
Connessione: systems thinking and recognizing the interconnectedness of life. .
My interests are, but not limited to blogging, Technology, cartooning , sketching , taking everyday matters challenges, collecting fountain pens , philately, watercolour painting , reading , gardening , Travel , maintaining websites,contributing articles to portals, exchangiung postcards with people around the world (post crossing),  listening to music especially hindi film songs , malayalam film songs, english pop and rock, providing information on job opportunities, watching and reviewing classic movies, photography, motor biking, watching tv, watching and photographing houseboats , watching and photographing snakeboats and snake boat races etc This website has been included in a study of websites by Prof.Dave Kenyon of the University of Lincoln, United Kingdom. This site is also my personal website. I live in , Alappuzha district also called the Venice of the East, Kerala, India with my wife bincy and children edwin and evelyn . He is a member of the Computer Society of India. Junior chamber International ( JCI) kottayam cyber city chapter

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