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A collection of watercolor tutorials, demos, tips etc from all over the web provided by various artists.

Getting started with watercolors

watercolor tips by botanical artists

watercolour painting lessons for beginners - supplies

How to paint a sunflower

how to paint a landscape in watercolor

art lesson plans

color wheel study


http://painting. gi/dynamic/ offsite.htm? zi=1/XJ/Ya&sdn=painting&cdn=hobbies&tm=177&f=00&tt=14&bt=1&bts=0&zu=http%3A//

how to make copies of a drawing.

scan original into computer and then use some of the great watercolor papers available
for inkjet and print out the drawing. and still keep the original. This is a little more techie than tracing but a whole lot faster and you keep the feeling of your original line quality.


find included some links for the paper. Red River has some sample packs
for their papers and they are reasonably priced. The Hahnemuhle paper is
expensive but probably the best quality. Get some just to play on, it is
really freeing to know you are not messing up your drawing. Office depot
probably has some of the HP or Epson brands.

http://www.redriver browse/art. htm

http://www.strathmo reartist. com/digital_ inkjet.php

http://www.atlex. com/paper/ watercolor. htm

  how to arrange your paints

look at work by Lucien Freud and Matisse:

. don't think the colour matters; however, the values do. The darks have to go in the right place, the lights have to hit right, and the intermediate values between the two are very important. It also helps to use a cool colour in combination with a warm colour when doing a portrait

Watercolor BAsic Techniques

The frugal crafter




www.davidadamson clouds_demo. htm

Part 1: com/watch? v=EcsCVfaOl44

Part 2: com/watch? v=RFwem2LM9t4& feature=related

Part 3: com/watch? v=o6NLQzbqItg& feature=related

David Rankin tutorials


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