Vegetable gardening in kerala state in India

vegetable gardening in kerala india

Vegetable gardening in kerala state in India

In culinary terms, a vegetable is an edible plant or its part, intended for cooking or eating raw. The plants included under vegetables varies from culture to culture. Here we will discuss about the common vegetables in india and also vegetables around the world in Europe and America. In India studies have found that an area of only about 40 sq meters ( 1 cent) of land is required to produce vegetables for a family of four... .
Guide to cultivation of commonly grown vegetables in kerala state in india.
Amarathus (cheera) Banana (vazha pazham/ netran) Brinjal (egg plant, vazhutana solanum melongena), bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria ),
 Tomato ( takkali) chillies ( mulaku), Cowpea (payar), Lady's finger (Abelmoschus esculentus Okra, venda),

 Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia paval) , snake gourd (Trichosanthes dioica padavalam), Cucumber (Cucumis sativus vellari) ,
 Pumpkin (mathanga), Cabbage  , Ash gourd (kumbalam) Carrot, Cauliflower , Ivy gourd ( kovakka) , Papaya , Drum stick (Muringa),

Curry leaf tree (kari veepu) Clove beans (nithya vazhuthana), Sword bean (Vaalari payar ), Winged bean (chatura payar), tapioca (kappa) , Onion (ulli), Elephant foot yam (chena) , Ridge gourd, Elephant-ear (chembu) ,

Garlic , Ginger, Capsicum (Capsicum annum) , Coriander, Carrot and Salad Cucumber chinese potato (koorka)can also be grown. coconut tree (cocos nucifera  ), jack fruit, birds eye chilly (kanthari mulaku),  Ponnamkanni (Alternanthera sessilis), Thazhuthama (Boerhavia diffusa ), Thakara (Senna tora) and Mullan Cheera (Amaranthus spinosus). fruit plants like rose apple, grapes, mangosteen, guava, mango, bread fruit, rumbutan. Medicinal plants like Turmeric, basil etc can be grown along with the vegetables.

Plant pesticides and  disease control :  Neem oil Garlic Emulsion     |   Leaf curl   |  Blossom end rot  |  Leaf Miner   |  Pseudomonas    |       

fertilizers:   Nano urea   water soluble fertilizers  ( NPK 19:19:19, potassium sulphate 0:0:50, mono ammonium phosphate 12:61:0, Urea Phosphate 17-44-0)
Guide to cultivation of vegetables in North India. In north india : turnip, potato, beet root, parsnip, carrot, radish, sweet potato, methi fenugreek, mint , parsely, taro, onion,radish etc can be grown. Government of india and the state goverments in india are promoting  natural farming in a big way. 
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Vegetable gardening tips

1. For vegetable climbers a ready made support net can be used.
2. Flowers like Chlerodendron, marigold, gomphrena balsum, chrysanthemum, nerium, cockscomb, tube rose, lotus and jasmine can also be planted along with vegetables
vegetable farming activities can be done following the njattuvela calendar based on the position of the sun

Malayalam farming magazines   karshakan

Poultry farming  and                   Fish farming                 can be taken up along with vegetable gardening.


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Where to get help for vegetable cultivation?

Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam (VFPCK), which is implementing the Harithanagari programme to encourage people to cultivate vegetables, will set up vegetable gardens at households under the programme For more details contact VFPCK on Tel: 0484-2427455/-2427544 or contact your nearest krishi bhavan.
Low cost hybrid seed varieties  of salad cucumber (heera, subadra) , partenocarpic cucumber (KPCH-1), seedless watermelon (swarna yellow variety, shonima red variety) ridge gourd (KRH- 1) and brinjal (neelima resistant to bacterial wilt with violet fruits)have been released by the kerala agricultural university.
Organic farming course by kerala jaiva karshaka samithi in different districts of kerala Malappuram: 8129001449 Trissur: 98461 33100 Kottayam: 94005 88189 Palakkad: 94967 60839 kannur: 94477 09548
Harithosavam @ calicut
Vegetable gardening guide in Malayalam click to download pdf file. Operation Adukkala (kitchen garden) in ernakulam district Social media groups in facebook are also offering help for vegetable farming. Krishibhoomi a facebook group with nearly 1.75 lakh members who post their experiences of organic farming and produce is active in clearing doubts and exchanging solutions related to vegetable farming. For details, call 9846914404, 9495122678... ... Telephone numbers for information on vegetable farming: Call toll free phone number 1800- 180- 1551 vegetable gardening kit available at kerala agricultural university mannuthy can be delivered through courier phone number 0487 2370773, 8547396759 / 9995086642.
Help for queries regarding home vegetable garden contact betwen 10 am and 5 pm ( only regarding vegetable gardening) Kerala State Seed Development Authority. on working days 91 -487 2360299 91-487 2390510 e- mail: fax: 0487 2365042 .. ....