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gardening in kerala india

Gardening in kerala state in India

Online resource guide offering tips , advise , tricks on gardening.
The size of the garden has to be decided by the time and resources you have at your disposal .
Decide on the type of garden you would like to have
suburban garden
cottage garden
architectural garden
miscellaneous garden
specialised gardens like butterfly garden... .
Lack of space is not an issue. You can create a garden on your terrace,

border: herabacious border, shrub border, mixed border
outdoor living area
fruit trees
green house
vegetablesflower bed: island bed, formal bed , raised bed, peet bed , sunken bed
rockery ( rock garden)

Plant types
woody plants shrub, tree, climber, hedge
evergreen shrub and trees
decideous shrub and trees
ground cover
turf plants
herbaceous plants: vegetables, herbs, bulbs, annuals, biennials, perennials

A soil test is desirable so that we can improve the quality of the soil.

using appropriate techniques. Growbags can be used for growing plants in gardens
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Garden Plants

The plants in a garden include gerbera, roses, hydrangeas, euphorbia, bigonia , Bauhinia,
lilies, jasmine, zinnia, Bougainvillea, orchids , Ixora , Hibiscus
heliconia Cactus, marigold, holy basil , henna, water lily,foliage plants, bamboo, bigonia , lotus
Fruit trees like guava, papaya, jack fruit, mango, cashew, water apple , plantain
Spices like nut meg , pepper , chillies
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Gardening Tips

Plant some Gliricidia sepium trees in one corner of your garden the leaves can be used as green manure to improve the quality of the soil. If in north india plant neem trees. ... ... Farmers can subscribe to a free service by calling up at the Kisan Call Centre (KCC), which is run by the Union agriculture ministry in collaboration with state agriculture departments, on toll free number 1800-180-1551 .. .