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A monthly magazine in malayalam language for farmers .. How to subscribe to Karshakan farm magazine
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June 2022: fruit fall in rambutan  | farming in shimoga | vaccination in poultry| terrace gardening | pest control in mango | cooking gas from cassava | crop insurance | blakberry fruits | pepper in grow bags

March 2022 issue: Success story of an arecanut farmer | How to take care of crops in summer | agriculture and union budget of india | issues of price fall of cardamon |  latest techniques to deal with drought |  mushroom cultivation | temperature control in diary farm |  a special variety of amaranthus (vlathangara variety)  |  identification of poisonous snakes and how to manage snake bites | padmasree conferred on dr sosamma for reviving vechur breed of cows | probiotics in animal husbandry|  farmer growing unique fruits | a special variety of plantain chengalikodan | passion fruit farming | college that provides farming opportunities along with studies  yuvakshetra college of management | bee keeping | clove farming | farmer with 100 varieties of bougenvilla plants | lotus and cactus farming |  agricultural activities to be done in march |

March 2020 issue:  National bureau of plant genetic resource  NBPGR custodian farmer  vinod | make soft drinks from tender mangoes | aquaponics model with fish and tomato plants |  rice cultivation for rice seeds | honey bee farming  | sree padma variety of elephant foot yam | goat farming |  cocodama | cultivation of garcinia | diary farming | pakchoy cultivation in kerala | tips for elephant foot yam cultivation |

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