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Everyday matters Challenge edm daily 

100 – Draw or paint a landscape
99 – Draw something that represents a new years resolution of yours
98 – Free choice. Draw anything you like. We’re all busy before the holidays.
97 – Draw a present you have received. Why is it special?
96 – Draw something sweet
95 – Draw a holiday card
94 – Draw a spoon and journal a little about it
93 – Draw an egg carton, with or without eggs in it.
92 – Draw a brown paper bag
91 – Draw an apple
90 – Draw something with wings
89 – Draw a button or buttons
88 – Draw something breezy – something that blows in the wind – a flag, leaves, your choice…
87 – Draw your lunch and journal about it.
86 – Draw a traffic sign (stop, yield, crossing, directional, arrows, etc.)
85 – Draw a store in your neighborhood.
84 – Draw some bread and write about it if you like.
83 – Draw a nearby body of water – ocean, lake, pond, river
82 – Draw your artspace – drawing board, desk, studio, table – draw where you create.
81 – Draw a streetlight
80 – Draw something that makes you happy, and write about it, too.
79 – Draw an ear, or two or three or more
78 – Draw a souvenir of a place you’ve been. journal a bit about your memories of the place.
77 – Draw something cold or cool. Chill, people.
76 – Draw some flowers (or colorful showy foliage if you’re in the S. hemisphere and don’t find flowers in bloom.)
75 – Draw the ingredients and/or process of a favorite recipe – and journal about it.

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74 – Draw some clouds and write about them
73 – Draw a mailbox and write about the most important piece of real world mail you’ve ever received(not email – snail mail.)
72 – Draw somewhere new. Go somewhere new to you and draw what you find. Write about it, too.
71 – Draw something representing your favorite sport. edm 71
70 – Draw what you’re afraid of. Write about it, if you dare.
69 – Draw a beverage and write a little about it. edm 69
68 – Draw your computer
67 – Draw something Mom – your mother, something that reminds you of motherhood. Journal, too.
66 – Draw a fire hydrant and make a journal entry about fire fighters
65 – Draw your nose, a friend’s or a strangers. Or a pet’s.
64 – Draw your sink – at home, work or wherever
63 – Go on a nature walk, pick up items, draw what you find
62 – Draw a previous challenge in a different medium than you usually use.
61 – Draw a grouping of 2 or more of similar objects
... 60 – Draw an automobile or a part of one
59 – Draw a sign or spring (or fall if you live in the southern hemisphere.)
58 – Draw a hat, cap or other headgear. is it sentimental? Write about it.
57 – Draw a picture frame and the picture in it. Write about why it’s special to you.
56 – Draw a self portrait
55 – Draw a doorknob, plain or fancy
54 – Draw someone or something you love – and journal about it.
53 – Draw a mouth and journal about speaking out or holding one’s tongue …
52 – Draw a dog (yours or a friends or anyone’s) and journal about your dog relationships.
51 – Draw your TV and favorite show playing. Journal about why you like that show etc.

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