Ladys Finger

ladys finger

Ladys Finger

The well known varieities of ladys finger in kerala are kiran salkirthi aruna susthira anchitha manjima .. Pest control in ladys finger: Pests on ladies finger plants can be controlled by 4% leaf extracts of neem / thevetia / clerodendron with soap water. Fruits can be protected from infestation by fruit borers by spraying 4% leaf extracts of thevetia / neem.  Preparation of plant extract emulsion is as follows. Soak 400 g of leaf powder (leaves dried under shade and powdered) in one litre of water for 24 hours and filter though muslin cloth. Dissolve 400 g of ordinary bar soap shavings in 9 litres of water. Pour this soap solution to the plant extract and mix thoroughly. This forms 4% emulsion of plant extract. .

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