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‘Harithotsavam @ Kozhikode’ vegetable farming project being implemented by the kozhicode district administration.
Vegetable farming will be promoted in terraces as well as barren lands as part of the project.
Awareness programmes would be conducted under the aegis of various Krishi Bhavans. Grow bags would also be distributed.

Directions given to start vegetable farming in the vacant lands of government offices.
Barren lands to be identified to be used for agriculture and distribution of high-yielding seeds and fertilizers.

The district administration also decided to create awareness among the public, farmers’ organisations, local bodies, and voluntary organisations about the advantages of organic farming.

As part of the Harithotsavam project, farmers’ groups would be formed in every village office limits and the groups would be linked online. Village Officers and Agricultural Officers would be default members of these groups. The groups would get farming tips online. Special arrangements would be made under the aegis of Krishi Bhavans for harvesting and sale of the products.

Individuals and organisations that wanted to be part of the project should apply by July 31 2014 to the Additional District Magistrate.
A group of 10 members from villages should apply. They should specify in the application the kind of agriculture they would like to do as well as the land to be used for it.
For details, contact phone 0495-2371062.







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