blossom end rot


varieties of chillies jwalamukhi Jwalasakhi Ujvala anugraha athulya thondal vellanochi .: .. . Diseases in chilli Leaf curl of chilli a virus disease. The disease is characterised by puckering of leaf blade, and gradual reduction in the size. Diseased plants flower poorly with low fruit set. The infestation should be managed from seedling stage itself by using seeds from virus free plants. In the main field, infected plants should be removed as soon as they are noticed. The virus is generally transmitted by whitefly. Vector control may be helpful in preventing the further spread of the disease. Whiteflies can be effectively attracted and controlled by yellow sticky traps, which are coated with grease and sticky oils. Spraying of 5% Neem oil or 5 kg Neem Kernel extract per acre will also control the vector insects. Spray solution should reach the under surface of leaves for effective control.. .

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